May 27-28, Attunement Intensive: Language of Light Energy Class Nervous and Endocrine Systems

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The spirit of balance and equilibrium- homeostasis​


In this experiential class, you will be taught how to listen to and send Life Energy out of your fingers and into your own body and another person’s body. Focusing on the subtle Life Force Energy that comes out of the hands directing it into the body’s organs, glands and systems. By doing this it will help to clarify the body’s internal connections, which assists the body’s ability to create homeostasis, opening up the Spiritual Sight and creating a clearer connection between spirit and all the systems of the body: Attunement with Life!


Students will give and receive Attunement sessions with other students as well as learning how to treat oneself. In addition, students will learn about the Attunement philosophy, focused use of meditation and understanding basic anatomy and physiology. The experience of the class helps develop the ability and accuracy to send Energy out of the hands and the entire body!
This is a time to nurture yourself, advance your unique abilities and professional skills and to expand your personal practice.


Classes are available in Israel, Switzerland, and USA. It is also possible to arrange a class in your location. Attunement info -


Jeff Goldstein lives in Jerusalem and is an Attunement Teacher and Practitioner; Spiritual Guide and Healing Assistant. His educational degree is in Philosophy and is a Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner (SEP) and trauma therapist. He is a leader in the Spiritual Peace Movement.


This class gives the tools to handle the challenges of life in a new way and how to help others handle their challenges of life.


It is recommended to have a private session before the class if possible.


Saturday - Sunday, May 27 - 28 -- Arlington, Massachusetts - 9 AM – 6 PM

Cost: $300