May 20, Attuning the Digestive System: One Day Experiential Workshop

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Led by Jeff Goldstein and Maraea Spiegel

This workshop is a unique and inspired perspective on what might well be considered the gateway to overall health and well-being; the Digestive System.  Brilliant in design and magical in nature, the digestive tract will take us on a journey of exploration as we discover how this system works, how to provide it with optimal nutrition, and how to connect with our own internal healing relationship to our guts: physically, spiritually, and energetically.

Workshop Activities:  Attunement and Energy Ball Exercises, Guided Meditation Through Digestive Tract, Exercise for Digesting Joy (and Roles that Emotions Play), Demonstration for Attuning the Digestive System Energetically, Blessing Your Own Digestive Tract.


Presentations and Discussions: Digestion as an analogy for Creating Healthy Spiritual Life, Anatomy and Physiology of Digestive Tract, Microbiome, Macro-, Micro-, and Vita-Nutrients, Enteric Nervous/Digestive System, How Stress Affects Digestion, Mindful Eating. We will also have a nature walk, connect to the environment around us, and share energy balls with the trees, water, plants, and earth.


Jeff Goldstein lives in Jerusalem, Israel and reminds the world of our true Spiritual identity. He does this by teaching people and groups about the Energy Ball and its uses in helping to be Energetically clear in daily life and in this workshop to have a sparkly digestive system!

He is a Somatic Experiencing Trauma Therapist, Attunement teacher and Practitioner. He recently completed the Book “Energy Ball for Peace Ceremony”.


Marsea Spiegel lives in Portland, Maine and is passionate about nutrition and its role in health.  A lifelong student of nutrition, she brings to the table a love for teaching, a reverent relationship with nourishing ingredients from the earth, and a desire to help others feel their very best.  As a Licensed Massage Therapist, she specializes in deep and restorative healing with Attunement and Lymphatic Drainage supporting the body’s innate ability to heal.

Saturday, May 20 -- Freeport, Maine - 10:00AM – 5 PM,  Healthy Lunch provided


Cost: Sliding Scale -- $95 - $130